Still Life Experience is part of the CascadiaNow! Non-profit Family

Our Mission

You Are Perfect!

Life is a Garden of Possibilities!

It is in Stillness that we find our mission, our highest potential for the greater good. It is where we find the "I AM."

The Still Life Mission is to shine a light on the path each woman has chosen to walk; to empower, encourage and enlighten whenever and however possible.  

Hi, I'm Deena!

I have been a visionary all of my life, but not your normal futuristic thinker. I made it my life's calling to assess the human condition and figure out how to fix it. If we could just make this different or that more accessible people would be happier. That didn't work out quite the way I envisioned and I finally found out why: There was nothing to fix...we are already perfect!

Of course I had to first accept and acknowledge my own perfection before I could begin the daunting mission of accepting all of humanity from that perfect perspective. How inspiring and empowering that journey has been and continues to be. I would like to share my adventure with all of you!