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Space is limited, but we can promise a room with a view!


The Still Life Experience retreats are designed for Single Working Mothers who have no financial support from the biological fathers or State and Federal financial assistance. The goal of this project is to empower women who have been marginalized in their ability to care for their children through the lack of support and/or resistance from the dads. Therefore, considerations will also be made for women who have been stripped of their power and custodial justice due to their inability to secure adequate legal representation. The imbalance of financial power, whether aggressive or passive, often leaves women in the state of emotional turmoil. We would like to reach as many women as possible and your participation will help us expand the program in the future. Participants will be chosen on the basis of need as determined by Still Life Management Team. If you are not chosen as a retreat participant this year, we hope you will look at other services currently offered as part of the Still Life Experience, join in the conversation on our blog and follow us on Social Media. 

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