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More than four million women in the United States are raising families without the financial support of the biological fathers or State or Federal funding. Without support, these families are left with little to enhance their quality of life. Still Life Enterprises has created a project to address the enormous stress and disempowerment women in this situation face. This project is sponsored by CascadiaNow!, a 501c3 Non-profit organization supporting projects that address social, educational and environmental issues that have a positive impact in the Cascadia Region.

About Still Life

Still Life Enterprises is a Washington State LLC owned and operated by  Linda (Deena) Gregory.

After watching her own daughters struggle financially as single mothers and realizing the breadth of this social issue, Deena decided to find a way to give these moms a break and some tools to help them carry their responsibility with grace. Still Life Enterprises is dedicated to the empowerment, encouragement and enlightenment of women from all walks of life through coaching, mentoring and expanding their perspective of themselves and the world around them.

The Great Outdoors

As a child, being outdoors brought with it a certain solace during difficult times. Hiking and backpacking through the Olympic and Cascade Mountain Ranges and Pacific Beaches gave Deena inner- peace, guidance and energy that seemed to come directly from the environment. Sitting around a campfire replaced all worries with a sense of hope, something she never let fade.

So, in creating a program that would help single moms relieve their stress, she was drawn to the one thing she knew would always convey that message of love, hope and security...Nature.