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2018 Camping Retreats - California

Joshua Tree National Park - Cottonwood Campground - April 21st - April 23rd


A National Park the size of Rhode Island is the backdrop for our first retreat serving Single Moms from the Greater Los Angeles Area. We are calling this Retreat, Managing Rocky Roads and if you have ever been to Joshua Tree you will know why. If you haven't, you're in for a treat. Three days and two nights in the stillness of the high desert is sure to be an unforgettable experience. The desert will be in bloom and the weather perfect for hiking by day and star-gazing by night. Add a group workshop, some yoga, hypnotherapy and even some Toe Reading for an empowering, holistic adventure.


Yosemite National Park, CA - May 18th - 20th

We are sorry to say that the Yosemite Retreat has been cancelled due to unavailability of campsites. Accommodations at Mill Creek Campground in the Redwoods National Park are reserved and confirmed. See you there!

Redwoods National Park - Mill Creek Campground Crescent City, CA - June 22nd - 24th

Where the Pacific meets the towering old growth forest is the setting for our Reach for the Sky Retreat. With some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world as a visual, the topics will be all about self-esteem and choices. This retreat designed for Single Moms in the Southern Oregon and Northern California area. 

Oregon and Washington Retreats

Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area...... Honeyman State Park July 13th - 15th

Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area is comprised of 32,000 acres of sand dunes that stretch from forests to the Pacific Ocean, some reaching over 500 feet high. This makes it one of the largest coastal sand dune areas in the world. Some estimate it contains over 4 billion tons of sand. To a Dream Interpreter, sand represents peace, no doubt because sand is the end result of constant erosion. There is nothing left to break down. At this retreat we will explore, Being Ground to Perfection and look at how the "daily grind" is for our benefit.

Mount Rainier National Park - Silver Springs Campground August 10th - 12th

Nothing is quite as majestic as Mt. Rainier from a distance. Close-up, let's just say it puts life into perspective. Mt. Rainier is an active volcano that has not erupted for over a thousand years largely due to its numerous steam vents allowing pressure to be handled in the present and in a controlled manner. Of course you know the topic for this retreat, Handling Pressure with Grace. If you are from the South Puget Sound area, this retreat is for you. 

Olympic National Park- Soc Duc Hot Springs Campground September 14th - 16th

Labor day is gone, school is starting. What better time to regroup and recharge for the busy fall and winter season ahead. The Olympic National Forest is, so far my favorite place on earth. Different types of moss cover the entire area. They blanket the riverbeds and wistfully hang from tree branches like beautiful flowing gowns. Moss is an epiphyte, a plant that can envelope other vegetation without harming or deterring its function. The message we will ponder at our final retreat: Living Close Without Taking Over.